General Disability Services

About Us

CATHOLICCARE CHOICES: YOUR CHOICES - YOUR WAY CatholicCare CHOICES and Aged Care service is a NDIS registered provider.  We can support children, young adults and adults to connect to services they require through direct service provision and / or through Support Connection, Coordination of Supports and Specialist Support Coordination. CatholicCare CHOICES can provide the following supports to assist people with daily life either in their home, work, and education or in the community.

Assistance with daily life at home, in the community, education and at work (Support Category 1.01) self-care, including assistance with showering, dressing, medication and personal domestic activities household tasks – cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, meal preparation, grocery shopping house and yard maintenance assistance to access community, social and recreational activities – including accompanying to social events and group activities, attending appointments, and companionship

Supported Independent Living (Support Category 1.01) shared living and supported accommodation assistance in individual living arrangement for people with complex needs  

Transport to access daily activities (Support Category 1.02) daily activities, including social, leisure, educational, work and appointments

Improved daily living skills (Support Category 3.15) development of daily living and life skills training in the use of public transport training for carers/parents < > therapeutic services – individual assessment, therapy and/or training; speech therapy; social work, psychology or counselling withan individual; counselling and group therapy

Improved living arrangements (Support Category 3.08) Assistance with accommodation and tenancy obligations

Increased social and community participation (Support Category 3.09) individual skills development and training skills development in a group community participation activities life transition planning includes mentoring, peer support and focus on individual skill development

Improved relationships (Support Category 3.11) Positive behaviour support intensive behavioural intervention support behaviour management plan, training in behaviour management strategies individual social skills development

Improved health and wellbeing (Support Category 3.12) personal training required due to the impact of a disability

Improved learning (Support Category 3.13) transition into and through school and to further education

Improved life choices (Support Category 3.14) support connection; coordination of supports; specialist support coordination financial intermediary and service intermediary activities training in planning and plan management

Quick Facts About The Region

CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn is located in the suburbs of Canberra Central and Red Hill, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.