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What is Pain Support ACT?

Pain Support ACT provides help, support and information for people in the Canberra region, their families and carers, who live with any kind of persistent or chronic pain. This is an incorporated community organisation which values reliable, evidence-based information and the understanding of proven self management strategies. 

Chronic pain can be a debilitating condition with devastating effects. Connecting with understanding others and learning about self help can be a huge step forward.

How does PSACT help?

PSACT runs face-to face activities for ACT region people living with pain.

*          Support and information group sessions are held regularly. These include use of expertly developed materials, discussion, information and relaxation skills in a positive, accepting environment.

*          Coffee meetings where you can meet others with chronic pain. The empathy and understanding from others is valuable.

*          Expert Speaker series meetings provide talks on topics like understanding pain, the types of services available locally, using medications and dealing with the psychological effects of pain.

*          Useful events such as the successful “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” creative writing event 2015.

*          Meeting venues North and Southside

*          An informative quarterly Newsletter with events in the ACT and with a range of useful articles.

*          Advocacy and outreach work with other health groups and government for improved pain services.

We evaluate all activities and respond to needs.


Provides access to the Newsletter and other services. Contact us as below.

Contact us 

tel (02) 62901984 at SHOUT who will contact us, PO Box 717 Mawson ACT 2607.                 

Quick Facts About The Region

Pearce Community Centre is located in the suburbs of Pearce and Woden Valley, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.