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About Us

Who Uses Lifeline People turn to Lifeline because they are struggling with one or more elements of their life. Not only the marginalised, the disadvantaged and the poor need help from Lifeline. There is no means test to determine whose life will be affected by trauma, adversity and heartbreak. People from all walks of life benefit. That is why Lifeline's work is so vital: it is inclusive and wide-ranging.

Gambling Help

Lifeline North Coast offers specialist counselling for people with gambling problems and their families. Counselling is aimed at assisting people to overcome their gambling problem. It includes strategies to establish and maintain change in regular gambling behaviour, as well as focusing on the underlying reasons for development of problem gambling.

Our problem Gambling Counselling is a free service offered to problem gamblers and their families. This service is supported by the Responsible Gambling Fund and further services are available through the links below.

Gambling Help

Responsible Gambling Fund


Financial Counselling

A free and confidential service. Financial Counselling is for anyone who feels overwhelmed with money problems, needs help dealing with creditors or has trouble budgeting.

Are you behind in paying bills? do you have credit card debts? Do you borrow money from friends and family to get you through until next pay day? Do you owe money to finance companies or banks? Do you use you credit card to pay for food, rent or household bills? do you use your credit card for cash advances? do you have money issues due to gambling? If you answered yes to any of the above you may wish to see a Financial Counsellor


General Counselling

Contact Lifeline North Coast to make an Appointment

Please phone Lifeline North Coast on: 02 6651 4093 or email [email protected] if you are wanting to make an appointment for confidential face to face counselling.

Quick Facts About The Region

Lifeline North Coast (Nsw) is located in the suburb of Coffs Harbour, the council of Coffs Harbour and the federal electorate of Cowper.