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About Us

The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services helps people with a disability and their families to access a range of supports and services they need as they move through the different stages of their life.

To receive specialist disability services you need to meet certain eligibility criteria. Local Disability Services service centre staff can provide information about eligibility, support available and how to apply. Children and adults who are eligible for specialist disability services will need to undergo an assessment and prioritisation process to be linked with available and appropriate services.

Eligibility Criteria

People with disabilities, as defined by Disability Services Act 2006

Eligibility Criteria:

The Person’s disability is attributable to intellectual psychiatric cognitive neurological sensory or physical or a combination of impairments.

  • The disability occurred before the age of 65yrs
  • The person is an Australian citizen
  • The person is a Queensland resident
  • The disability is permanent or likely to be permanent
  • The impairment results in a substantial reduction of the person’s capacity in one or more of the following areas. (Communication, social interaction, learning, mobility, self/care and management).
  • The impairment results in significant and ongoing level of disability

Intake: First point of Contact for Central Queensland Region of Disability Services.

Intake involves offering a range of support and advice services to people with a disability, they support networks and to the wider community.

The enquirer does not need DS registration and eligibility to receive a service from Intake.

The Intake Officer assists the caller by providing information in relation to processes for accessing to Disability Services.

Quick Facts About The Region

Rockhampton Disability Services is located in the suburb of Rockhampton City, the council of Rockhampton, the state electorate of Rockhampton and the federal electorate of Capricornia.