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The Smith Family

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About Us

The Smith Family Learning for Life Program is a student support program set up to assist financially disadvantaged young Australians to make the most of their education. It provides scholarships to students from low-income families who are struggling to pay for essential school items such as school fees, uniforms, text books, camps and excursions. In addition to the scholarship money to assist with educational expenses, all students and their families are provided with support and advice from a Learning for Life Worker. To be eligible, families must meet all of the following criteria: * The student and their family must be referred to the program through an established referral pathway; * The student must live in and or go to school in a Learning for Life community focus; * All students must be attending a non-fee paying school (however, exceptional cases will be examined on an individual basis); * The students' family must possesss a Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card; * The student must be an Australian resident; * The student must be in primary school at the time of recruitment (maximum 3 per family); and * Demonstrated commitment by the family and the student to education.

Quick Facts About The Region

The Smith Family Toowoomba is located in the suburb of Wilsonton, the customer service centre of Toowoomba in the council of Toowoomba Regional, the state electorate of Toowoomba North and the federal electorate of Groom.